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Wound Care

The Advanced Wound Care Center at St. Joseph Medical Center continues the traditions of “firsts.” It’s the first and only hospital in downtown Houston to specialize in the care of advanced wounds. Wounds that have not healed within four weeks of standard medical care are considered a problem and require special treatment. The Advanced Wound Care Center is an outpatient clinic, which specializes in treating patients with chronic, slow-, and non-healing wounds. We take a comprehensive approach, using the latest treatments and technologies, so that our patients enjoy significant and noticeable improvements. The staff and physicians at the Advanced Wound Care Center (among them podiatrists, vascular and general surgeons, internal medicine infectious disease specialists, and endocrinologists) have received special training in caring for all kinds of advanced wounds.

Getting Started

Your treatment begins after we receive a physician referral. Once scheduled, a thorough evaluation by one of our specialists will be completed, and a plan of care created, mutually agreed upon by both you and the physician. We work with your primary care physician throughout the entire process and individualize your treatment to address other complications and conditions, such as diabetes, that might hinder healing. Your doctor will receive regular updates on your progress. Successful healing usually takes six to 16 weeks, depending on the nature of the wounds. Patients visit the clinic one to three times a week every week to monitor and care for the wound as needed. Your care plan will be individualized to meet your specific needs.

Our Four-Step Treatment Model

At the Advanced Wound Care Center, we address your wound in four stages. Our four-step treatment holistic model ensures not only that your wound is treated, but you also have education and support to continue to stay healthy.


  • complete evaluation and medical history
  • non-invasive vascular studies


  • debridement
  • infection control
  • topical dressings
  • compression therapy
  • biological skin substitutes
  • hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Surgery (if needed)

  • revascularization
  • skin grafting
  • deep debridement


  • education
  • continuity of care

Learn about the types of wounds we treat, as well as our hyperbaric oxygen therapy option. 

Physician referral is preferred for continuity of care. In addition to the treatments, we will teach you and your family proper techniques for caring for your wound. If necessary, diabetes education, nutrition education, and/or smoking cessation programs are included. Most of our services are covered by Medicare.

For more information on the Advanced Wound Care Center at St. Joseph Medical Center, please call 713.356.7820.

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